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Mayfair Delivers is a result of many years’ fine aging, growth and maturity in the luxury drinks segment. The company was founded by a team of passionate and dedicated people who strive to offer the rarest items, the best prices and of course the best service. It took over 10 hard-working years for the team to build their strong knowledge base across several premium alcohol markets in various sectors including the on-trade, concierge, retail, wholesale, supermarkets and private clients. By gradually accumulating an in-depth knowledge on the world’s leading luxury drinks brands, global drinks trends and the multifaceted needs of customers, the team were able to develop a substantial combined knowledge base that remains unrivalled in the market today. We are genuinely inspired and fulfilled to being able to offer a comprehensive range of wines, champagnes and spirits whether you are a private individual, a wine trader or an on-trade or off-trade venue. We invite you to explore the range of products and services that we offer
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Remy Martin XO

Category: Cognac


The story of Rémy Martin started nearly 3 centuries ago. With determination, has passed from generation to generation and is currently among the finest cognacs in the world. XO Excellence is an elaborate drink with more than 300 types of spirits that were stored in oak barrels for many years. The result is a lovers conhaque gift. 85% Grand Champagne, 15% Petite Champagne.

Warm colored, bright touches of mahogany. Bouquet of floral notes combining jasmine and iris, soft touches of fig and candied orange. Palate notes of fruits and spices. Aging Time: 23 years. Recommendation: neat, with foie gras and chocolate desserts


Alcohol Vol.

0.70, 3.00

Litre Sizes