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Dom Pérignon Rosé Gold

Category: Champagne, Champagne Rosé


Dom Perignon Rose Gold 1996 Vintage champagne presented in a colossol 6 litre methuselah bottle. Probably one of the most highly regarded bottles of Champagne on the planet. Incredibly rare item. Complete with rose gold shell.
A coppery pink colour with light orange highlights. Its radiance and unique colours are the source of its fleshy, almost oriental highlights and seductive sophistication. The aroma of malt rapidly leads into that of well-ripened fruit, nectarine and wild strawberries, complemented by smoky, peaty accents. In a paradox that typifies the vintage, concentration and movement vie each other with an affirmation of boldness and authority. The tastes progress with strength – tense, radiant and sharp. The finish is firm, underscored with a slightly vanilla-spicy note. This play of contrasts reaches such a degree of density and sophistication that it achieves a sublime harmony. Background: Dom Perignon Rose is not the rule, it is the exception. It is always sold in limited numbers because the qualities of the Pinot Noir grapes that the Dom Perignon style requires are truly exceptional. This means that each Dom Perignon Rose vintage shares a gene that dictates the very essence of luxury: the rarity of excellence.


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